How does it work?

The engine control module (ECM) in a closed loop EFI Harley Davidson is constantly getting feedback from the narrowband oxygen sensors installed on the bike. It is using this feedback to correct the volumetric efficiency (VE) of the bike in real time. However, the ECM has a limited amount of range that it can correct. The closer the VE values stored in the ECM are to the actual values that the engine needs, the more accurate and better your bike will run in all conditions.

This is where MyTune comes in. MyTune will read the old and new VE values, apply custom designed algorithms to them, and create a tune specifically for your bike. You can then program this tune into your bike and give the ECM the best data to work with.

Below are two graphs of the VE and the expected VE from an independent user that used MyTune to tune his bike. Before tuning with MyTune, you can see his VE and expected VE are off up to 35%. After tuning with MyTune, the maximum difference is 4% and often the VE and expected VE are right on top of each other.

Before tuning with MyTune:


After tuning with MyTune: