2. What data log items do I need to have in my logs with the Power Vision?

Log type:

  • Simple CSV

Always needed:

  • ET (Engine Temp)
  • INJ PW F (Injector Pulse Width Front)
  • INJ PW R (Injector Pulse Width Rear)
  • MAP
  • RPM
  • TP (Throttle Position)
  • VE Front
  • VE Rear
  • Acel Enr (Accel Enrichment)
  • Decl Enl (Degel Enleanment)

For narrowband tuning, add:

  • VE New Front
  • VE New Rear

For wideband tuning on lambda maps, add:

  • Lambda1 (Lambda Front)
  • Lambda2 (Lambda Rear)
  • Set Lambda

For wideband tuning on AFR maps, add:

  • AFR1 (AFR Front)
  • AFR2 (AFR Rear)
  • Set AFR

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